Ente Onnaam Aadyarathri
ente aniyathimarude kali njan kayyode pidichu ennitu njan avare athu vechu keezhpeduthiya shesham nadanna samvangal ivide ‘ Ente Onnaam Aadyarathri ‘ enna kathayude roopathil
Hai njan himesh….24 vayass…Kollath ninnu aanu ee katha ezhuthunnath….Njan ithinu munp aswathy um kavyayum enna katha samarppichittundaayrunnu…..Athinte baakki kathayaanith….
As kathayude avasaanam njan avarod oru condition parayaam ennu paranjirunnu…Sorry a katha ” swavargaanuraagini” ( Ente Cousins enna peril ) enna category il und….Angane annu rathri oru 12 mani aayappozhekkum avalumaar 2um ente roomilekk vannu…..Njan randineyum akathu kayatti vaathil lock cheythu….
Neeyokke cheythathellam njanente phonil video eduthittund ath udane nettil varum ennu njan paranju. ….”Ayyo annaa chathikkalle….Njangal annan parayunnathenthum kelkkam” randu perum thozhuthapekshichu….
Mm seri seri….Njan ente conditions parayaam….Ningale randu pereyum enikk oru rathri kalikkanam….Appol kavya “Enikk sammathamalla..
Pattilla” ennum paranju pokaanorungi…Appol achu avalude kayyil pidich chechi pokalle. Video nettil vannaal pinne nammal jeevichirunnitt kaaryamilla..
.Chechi onnukoodi alochikkanam please….Appol aval thirichu vannu kattilil irunnu…..Ennitt randu perum ente condition angeekarichu…..Nale rathri oru maniyaakumbol kavya maathram ividekk varanam….Nale nammude aadya raathriyaanu..Vesha vidhaanangalellaam athinanusarich
aayirikkanam…..Achu mattannaal…..Sammathicho….Um ennu paranju randaalum thalayaatti…..Enkil pinne randaalum poykko….Appo kavya nale 1 manikk……

Randu perum pokathe ninnu parungi…..Entha ponille ennu njan chodhichappol pokunnu pakshe njangade ….Ningade….Mm….Entha para pillere…..Raavile annan edutha njangade jetti……Oh njaanathangu marannu…Ippo randu perum jetti ittittundo..
…Achu illennu paranju….Kavyayo ennu njan chodhichu….Illa ennu avalum paranju….Enkil randu perum aa pantonn oorikke ennu njan paranju….Aswathy udane avalude pant oori…Entha ninakk ooraan madiyaano ennu njan kavyayodu chodhichu….Appol avalum pant oori….Ha randu perum jetty ittittilla….Randu perodum top pokkan njan paranju….Kettayudane achu top pokki…..Kurachu madichittanenkilum kavyayum pokki….Ha rand kilinthu poorukal enikku munnil…..Achuvinte kaadu niranja poorum kavyayude kutti romangal niranja poorum…….Ente control poy…..
Randu perum onnu thirinju nilkaan njan paranju….Avar randu perum thirinju ninnu….Randinteyum kundikk njan oro adi koduthu..Ennitt ente alamaariyil ninn avarude jettikal eduthu…Adyam kavyakk koduthu. Aval ath vangi….Njan avalod ath idaan paranju….
Aval ath ittu ennitt top pokki ninnu… Aa super..
Aswathykkum avalude jetti koduthu….Avalum athittu..
Randu perum. Roomilekk poy….
Njanum kavyayum thammil nadanna kaliyude kathayaanu “Ente onnam aadyarathri” enna ee kathayiloode vividha bhaagangalaay njan parayaam pokunnath…..
Serikkumulla katha adutha bhaagathu thudangaam…Ningalude abhipraayangal [email protected] enna mail id yilekk send cheyyuka …
Njan himesh….Ith ente kazhinja kathayaaya ente onnaam aadyarathri part 1 nte thudarchayaanu…Ok namukk kathayilekk varaam….
Angane pittedhivasam rathri 1 mani aayappol ente rominte vathilil muttunna kett njan vaathil thuarannu
Atha nilkkunnu ente devatha….Oru set sariyum uduth ente raani enikk munnil nilkkunnu….Koode achuvum und….Aval kaavyaye roomilaakki thirichu poy….Njan vaathil kuttiyittu…Naanichu thala kunichirikkunna ente devathayude arikileykk paalumay njan chennu…Njan kudicha sesham paal glass avalkk kai maari….Aval athu kudichu…Paal glass thirike table il vechu..Avalude chundil aa paal thulli irikkunnathu kanda njan ente chund avaludethinod aduppichu….As paal thulli avalude chundil ninnum njan oppiyeduthu….Chundum chundum urummi oru 10-15 minute poy…Njan ente naakk avalude vaayilekk kayatti..Angane naakkukal parasparam umineeru kaymaari…..

Njangal vaarippunarmn kattililekk veenu….Njan avalude mukhathellaam umma vechu…..Athinu sesham kazhuthilum….Sariyude mukaliloode thanne mulakalilum pidich njerichu…Aah..Ummm..
Mmm.. Ennokke seelkara swarangal aval undaakki…Avalude vayattilum pokkil chuzhiyilum ellaam njan naakkitt ilakki…Ennitt njan avalude kaal paadangalil ninn mukalileykk umma kondu pothiyaan thudangi
..Aval aaah…Mmmm…Uhh….Ennokke sabdangal undaakkithudangi..Veendum njan avalude chundil ethi..Kurachu neram koodi chumd eempi valichitt avale ente mukalileekk kidathi…Aval ente mukhathu muzhuvan umma vechu…Ente shirtinu mukaliloode nenjil thadavi….Ente shirtimte button oronnay aval open cheythu…Shirt oori aval dooreykkittu…Aval ente nenjilum thazheykk umma vechu…Ente mundum aval valichazhichu….Appol njan our jetty mathram …Athinte ullil kulach nikkunna ente kunna…Njan avale kattil pidich ittu….Avalude saree muzhuvan aayi orriyeduthu..Ippil vella blouse um adippavadayumaanu avalude vesham…Blousinu mukaliloode avalude mulakalil umma vechu…Aah ennoru seelkaaram avalil ninn njan kettu.

Angane avalude adippavadayude kettil njan pidichu valichu…Ath ooriyeduthu….
Bakki adutha partil…Pls snd me ur feedback to [email protected]
Ee adipoli malayalam sex story ningalil vikaram unarthi ennu karuthunnu …kooduthal kathakalkku aayi kaathirikkuka ….nalla kathakal iniyum publish cheyyan dayavayi comment cheyyuka
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