5 Tips to Help You Conquer Any Girl
Meeting girls through dating sites and apps is very convenient and stress-free. You see a girl, her photos, her interests, and you know how to start a conversation. However, approaching women online, men lose their skills of making acquaintances in real life and become insecure about their success with women. Some guys just fall into a stupor when they see a beautiful lady. They don’t know what to do, how to come up to her, what to say, etc. Some gentlemen are the prisoners of their low self-esteem that makes them think beautiful russian girls will never pay attention to them. Almost all men keep asking the same questions either in their minds or on forums. It’s time to get the answers.

How to overcome my shyness and start approaching women without any fear?

Probably, this is the main thing each of us should do – deal with our own fears. First of all, admit your fear. Even strong personalities get scared sometimes. Second, think about the consequences, or rather the absence of such. What are you afraid of during acquaintance? The worst scenario is getting rejected by her. It would be a problem if there weren’t billions of other women on this planet. Does her ‘no’ sound scary now? Third, be ready for a conversation in advance. Think how you’ll strike it up, keep it going, and in which vein it will be going. Persuade yourself that you’re approaching a girl not with some romantic intentions but just for the sake of communication. A smooth and easy dialog may end up with her giving you her phone number, and she doesn’t get an impression that some desperate guy just approached her. The main rule is to smile and be friendly.

Are there any techniques, phrases, words that can help charm a woman?

Start with a compliment, not flattery (it’s important), and try to be original. When you say something pleasant about girl’s appearance, style, or manner of doing something, it evokes a positive reaction in her that she can’t hide. Compliment a girl on something that you really like – this way you’ll sound sincere. Behave naturally and speak calmly and confidently. Tell her something about yourself, just a few bits of information, to make her feel like she knows you. Remember: the more girls you meet, the better you’ll know which approach to choose to conquer a particular kind of girl.

Can an ordinary guy approach hot girls?

Yes, why not? You should know that women assess a man by such parameters as his accomplishments, appearance, and manners. You don’t have to be a tycoon to approach a really gorgeous woman, it’s your manner of presenting yourself that matters. Confident voice, ability to keep up a conversation, neat appearance – these are the elements of your image that leave an impression on others. Treat all women equally, either you’re talking to a Miss Universe or a girl in line.

Are master classes on how to meet and seduce women useful?

Well, all those master classes teach theory, they show you the way, so to speak. When it comes to real life, many rules prove to be useless. Easier said than done. Each woman requires an individual approach. You can learn it only through experience. There are a lot of different online resources that provide men with tips and advice on how to improve yourself, become more successful with women, and find love. So, self-education can be even more effective than those expensive master classes.

Is it possible to seduce a girl already on a first date?

This is what first dates are actually meant for. You’re expected to make a good impression on her and sweep her off her feet. Many women are not against having sex on a first date. Everything will depend on your actions. Be romantic and interesting during the first part of your date, then start showing your sexual interest in her. If she responds to your touches, looks you in the eyes, and her body language drops hints, show your assertiveness.
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