Naughty Sex Tips and Moves
There are numerous ways to spice up sex life. Role-playing, new sex positions, public locations, and the list continues. It all depends on the sexual preferences of all the people involved. 

Below you can find some of the most popular sex tips and moves that do not require any special knowledge but push boundaries of everyday routine. Just remember, jazzing up means kinky staff. The kinkier the better. 

Role-playing scenarios

Role-playing is about acting and playing another character. It can be similar to you in some way, or it can be absolutely different. It can be about some profession or a famous representative of some profession, as an actor. Role-playing can include costumes, accessories, toys, amazing makeup, and so on. Alternatively, it can be limited to a meeting in a bar and having a conversation while pretending that you and your partner have just met. Everything is limited only by your imagination, and your imagination should have no limits when it comes to pleasure and enjoying sex. So, change scenarios all the time.

Kinky sex positions

Most people have their favorite sex positions that work for them. Usually, they are quite simple, but kinky sex positions should not be boring, they have to be different from the usual repertoire. For example, if you like cowgirl position, try reverse cowgirl position - the same motions, but entirely different view.

Some of the naughtiest sex positions are riverside, chili pepper, full nelson, seesaw, and anvil. Oh, and do not forget about oral sex and 69. Cunnilingus is the key to making your girl happy. 

Sex toys

Sex toys can be a game-changer. There are toys for men and women. Different types of toys include vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, penis sleeve, suction toys, cock rings, etc. Vibrators, especially clitoral vibrators, can help women orgasm and can even lead to multiple orgasms. They can be used separately or during intercourse. The best sex positions that enable using a vibrator simultaneously with penetration are reverse chair, pandora's box, and spoon.

Interesting locations

Bedroom is not the only room, or even place, where you can make love. What about public locations (make sure there are no cameras there)? Have you ever tried doing it in the elevator, bathroom in the restaurant, swimming pool? If you are not that adventurous, there is always a balcony or a hotel room. Just to change the scenery. 

Schedule changes

If you are accustomed to having sexual relations on particular days or during certain hours, change it! Surprise your better half with a getaway on weekends or a romantic dinner in the middle of the week. Good mood can be created at any time, and there is no need to wait for a specific time to have some fun.

If you're not sure which move to use and how to do it right, you can research the topic a little bit and read about it. Or better yet, watch a couple of videos. If you want some first-hand information, visit FireCams. FireCams is filled with experienced webcam models who are not only sexy but also know a lot about spicing things up. So, ask away. 
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