Velamma Episode 109 -
Indian Porn Comics lovers here is the newly released Velamma Episode 109. In Open space how these nude peoples are playing games.


Ramesh attempts to impress co-workers in his new job with a crazy story of his exotic sensual experiences with Velamma along with other couples. The narrative is bullshit, obviously, however Ramesh is vibrant enough a storyteller that many of the workmates believe him. Regrettably, Ramesh is oblivious that the yearly company picnic is coming up. His co-workers understand that the corporate excursion is their huge chance, so that they deceive Ramesh into bringing Velamma along. Throughout the day of this picnic, three of these co-workers will try to validate the veracity of Velamma's alleged "hot spouse" standing within this event 109!

Read Comics Velamma Episode 109 – Company Picnic
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