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How to Tell If He's Bored on a Date

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    SexStories  06-28-2018, 03:51 AM

    Oh, it finally happened, the guy you’ve been dreaming of is asking you for a date. Don’t feel that lucky, there goes the first date, which can end up being the great start or end up turning into disaster. You get used to the fact that first dates are full of awkwardness, but you know, those awkward moments usually turn into a funny moments that you like to remember later in order to tease each other. Things might get much worse, if you’re date-mete is bored. The most important thing is to notice it until it’s too late. If you notice it at the right moment, the chances are that you can save the situation and he would get the feeling that he felt bored for a moment and that there is nothing wrong with you. In order to be able to do so, hot russian women offer you to learn how to tell if he’s bored on a date.
    Body Language
    Moves can speak louder than words. He may not drop a word, but his body language is screaming that he is desperately bored. If he starts looking at something else or if he sits half-turned to you, it’s a clear sign that he is bored and he’s not into what you’re talking completely. If he is facing you then everything is fine, but if he’s sitting half-turned to you, then everything is pretty bad. He is bored. You may try saving the situation by changing the conversational topic or asking him about something.
    Communication Style
    Pay attention to his questions, as they can be a clear indicator of whether he is bored or not. If he is really interested, he would ask questions that aim at getting to know you better. But if he’s asking something like where are you from originally and asks nothing after you answer that question, then he is not that interested. He is actually bored and trying to ask something just in order to be polite. The easiest way to know whether he is bored or not is when he replies to each and every phrase of your with “oh”, “a-ha” and “mhhh”. You may think that it’s an indicator that he is listening, but nope. He’s just trying to make it look as if he’s listening, while, in reality, he’s not listening at all, as he is bored.
    Short Attention Span
    He’s gazing with the interest at his plate? He’s checking his phone? He’s answering someone in messenger? He starts looking at other people at the cafe? Well, it’s a clear indicator that he is not interested in what you are talking about. He’s bored with the topic that you’ve chosen. He’s checking the time and looks if he’s daydreaming? Well, you don’t need any other proofs. He’s bored as hell. He’s having hard time listening to you. Probably, you have monopolized the time and the conversational topic is not that interesting to him. Mind that, you should have a dialogue. No matter how much you have to say, you can’t devote your first date to you manifesting yourself. Some people find it hard to remain silent for the whole date because of their mate constantly talking. Switch the topic or ask him about something. His Facebook profile may give you enough information on the topics he might be interested in.

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